Beastie Boys – The New Style (1986, 2004)

Beastie Boys – The New Style (video, 2004)

from an unaired Chappelle Show back in 2004 on a boat in the East River, New York.

The song was originally released in 1986 from their album, Licensed to Ill

In this tribute to the late Adam Yauch (aka the Beastie Boys’ MCA), the Chappelle’s Show co-creator Neal Brennan, uploaded this unaired Beastie Boys’ performance that was meant to premiere on the show’s never-completed third season.



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  1. Pure Genius … seriously think bout this – what group that made their music in 1987 can come out with Dave C n spit 87 hot shit n be soooooo instant classic AGAIN N AGAIN?!? No one in hip like that in 87!!!! No one

  2. Maaaaaan today some chick asked me “what are you listening to making you bop that head” no joke I said beastie boys and the look of DISGUST just oozed out of her face. I should’ve threw this video at her and tell me how many of these “mumble rappers” or old school heads can get down like this? At their age in the video and party as hard as them? NONE B! But of course I didn’t have a chance to do that

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