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  1. The amount of musicianship that comes from this guy is incredible. He's able to combine classic disc scratching with modern day sampling to create multiple styles of music (there are examples of ambience, hard rock, hip hop, and modern day house in the video). And it's more than just standing up on the booth, pressing some buttons, moving some sliders, and so on…he's showing actual technique. You can see it in how he finds certain scratch points in the samples along with his hand movements, mainly his right hand. There's also an aspect of training the musical ear since he's aligning at least two tracks while attempting to modify one of them via scratching on the fly. What he's doing just seems really incredible to me.

  2. been watching the DMC since 1986 with dj cheese on real vinyl. not a big fan of the push button era. i guess him putting the sample together makes it mildly interesting , the actual skill level hasnt evolved since the mid 2000's.

  3. I wonder how much prep time it takes to get everything ready. Like getting your cue points and songs and everything together to have it this smooth.

  4. there are some advantages using the channel mixer opposite to the deck position?
    (For example he use the Channel Left for the deck at the right and the Channel Right for the deck at the left)

  5. It was a real pleasure watching you at work, I loved seeing the enjoyment your getting out of it.
    There’s so much people don’t realise about dj’in even a warm up dj has an important job & ghats not to try & play the latest top tune, but to build people up slowly.
    When someone wants to be top of the bill like anything you have to work hard very hard religiously in fact every spare second you have.
    Then from going to the odd bit you pulled off to it’s the very odd time you don’t.
    All would be people out there just enjoy what your doing @ if you end up a vynal or cd junkie feed that habit & always be ready for your next fix!
    1lv Marc

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