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This is just a little trailer tease video to show a few examples of videos with the original instrumental songs we drop here on the Chilled Lofi Channel on Youtube.

Chilled Lofi drops the best new lo-fi songs of 2019!

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We feature music from rising lofi artists such as Dinner Combination 6, Mount Fuji Dropouts, Bentobox and stinsonbeach to name a few.

We’re also adding new music from new artists so be on the lookout!

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Chilled Lofi Music presents the best mix of Lo-Fi hip hop jazz ambient electronic music & beats to relax, study & chill out to. We love to chill out and relax with some Lofi Hip Hop beats! That’s why we started our own music label and this Youtube Channel! To help spread amazing chill out music beats and lofi songs in incredbile eye catching videos!

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Original New Music in this Video by: Mount Fuji Dropouts and Dinner Conbination 6

Original Visuals and Artwork by: Chilled Lofi

Song Downloads: (coming soon)

Full Chilled Lofi Playlist:

Check out the videos by Dinner Combination 6 and Mount Fuji Dropouts here:

Enjoy the chilled lo fi music!

Stay Chill!

Chilled Lofi


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