Best Looking Pinoy Hiphop Personalities Right Now

So wayback noong kami ay blogspot palang we created a list of The Most Beautiful Pinay Emcees read here: although hindi na naging updated (which sounded a good an idea). For this year and for the ladies, of course, quite long overdue, we gathered and listed The Most Good Looking Pinoy Hiphop Personalities (Rapper, Producer, etc). Good looks in hip-hop or any music genre don’t quantify your skills as an emcee. Good looks is always an advantage or perhaps a disadvantage, as the female audience will magnetize by your looks but it also encourages expectations that you need to somewhat conform or satisfy. So without further ado, we bring to you, our list ( just a personal list by the way, so take it with a pinch of salt ) of The Most good looking Pinoy Hip-hop Personalities in no particular order.

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