Best of De La Soul Part 1 mixed by Psykhomantus

Best of De La Soul Part 1 mixed by Psykhomantus

Over 60 monster tracks of De La madness mixed, blend, original samples added with a hint of zigga zigga in between by yours truly, including the new joint “Get Away ft The Spirt Of Wu Tang Clan”
Plug Invasion features A Tribe Called Quest, Butta Verse, Common, Chaka Khan, Devin The Dude, Flava Flav, Freddy Foxxx, Jungle Brothers, MF Doom, Redman, Rob O, Shortie No Mes, Tha Alkaholiks, Xzibit, Yessin Bey (aka Mos Def), Yummy and productions by De La Soul, DJ Jazzy Jeff, J Dilla, Madlib, MF Doom, Pete Rock, Prince Paul, Roc Raida, Supa Dave West and more.
1 Intro by De La Soul
2 Brain Washed Follower by De La Soul
3 Supa Em Cee by De La Soul
4 Verbal Clap by De La Soul
5 Buddy feat Jungle Brothers & A Tribe Called Quest by De La Soul
6 Relax by De La Soul
7 Simply Having by De La Soul
8 Excursion (Intro) by A Tribe Called Quest
9 Excursion (Tribe Tribute) by De La Soul
10 Please Porridge by De La Soul
11 Potholes In My Lawn by De La Soul
12 Itzoweezee (Intro) by De La Soul
13 Itzoweezee (Remix) by De La Soul
14 Oooh Feat. Redman by De La Soul
15 Big Mouf by De La Soul
16 Mr. Big Mouth by De La Soul
17 Deliverance by • Space
18 Rock Co.Kane Flow (feat. MF Doom) by De La Soul
19 A Roller Skate Jam Called Saturday feat Q-Tip by De La Soul
20 Saturday feat A Tribe Called Quest by De La Soul
21 Me, Myself & I feat Mos Def (Live) by De La Soul
22 You Got It feat. Butta Verses by De La Soul
23 I Know You Got Soul by Bobby Bird
24 Jenifa Taught Me by De La Soul
25 My Writes feat Tha Liks & Xzibit by De La Soul
26 Oodles of Os by De La Soul
27 In The Woods feat Shortie No Mes by De La Soul
28 Do The Dame Thang by De La Soul
29 Big Brother Beat feat Mos Def by De La Soul
30 Ego Trip pt 2 feat Shortie No Mes by De La Soul
31 Harlem Hendoo by Al Hirt
32 Three Is The Magic Number by Bob Dorough
33 The Magic Number by De La Soul
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DJ Psykhomantus
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: VisionBombing
Instagram: @Psykhomantus
Instagram: @VisionBombing



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  1. This is Beyond Dope. I can tell your a true De La Soul and Hip Hop fan because of the selection of songs and made sure it sounded dope as fuck!

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