Best of Shiloh Dynasty | a Lofi Hiphop Mix

Made this mix for myself ..then i decided to share it with you. 🙂
EDIT: 5th track has been silenced due to copyright claim, so skip it by clicking here 09:58 .

➤ Tracklist
#1. 00:00 Jordan Maxwell – Is it too much to ask for (ft. shiloh)
#2. 01:40 Masked Man – Drowning my sorrows (ft. shiloh)
#3. 03:42 Swell – I’m sorry (ft. shiloh)
#4. 06:19 Masked Man – Losing interest (ft. shiloh)
#5. 08:00 potsu – im closing my eyes (ft. shiloh)
#6. 09:58 Masked Man – waiting (ft. shiloh)
#7. 11:27 Cammie – with you (ft. shiloh)
#8. 13:58 komeng – wonder why I still try (ft. shiloh)
#9. 15:38 timmies – you are loving (ft. shiloh)
#10. 17:19 timmies – you can’t control my heart (ft. shiloh)
#11. 19:48 Masked Man – too much to ask for (ft. shiloh)
#12. 21:14 timmies – again (ft. shiloh)
#13. 23:51 TSUKI – Who (ft. shiloh)
#14. 26:29 sagun – Trust Nobody Lve, Nobody The Same (ft. shiloh)
#15. 28:40 nohidea. – falling down (ft. shiloh)
#16. 30:16 Bonus track: Skinny Atlas – Stitches To Your Scar (feat Mishaal)

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Shiloh Dynasty
Jordan Maxwell
Masked Man
Skinny Atlas

➤ Artwork by Avi Richards

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#lofi #chillhop


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  1. I love Shilohs music because it can apply to every one. I wish she would have stuck around and realized how much of an impact her music had made. Also could I use this for a future video.

    P.S. I really like this mix, how did u put all this together

  2. i aint even bouta lie i fuck with that last song on there tho! 👌 nice mix bro, it makes it easier just seaeching this instead of each individual song 👊👍

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