Bezhan Zafarmal Kunduzi (DJ Besho) – OXYGEN

In June 2015, a young Afghan soldier became a national hero overnight, after defending the Afghan parliament from a deadly Taliban attack. Within days, he became an unlikelier kind of hero as well: a muse for Afghan rap.
When TV interviewers asked the soldier, Essa Khan Laghmani, to describe how he single-handedly killed seven armed insurgents, he responded “Taq chapako” — Dari for “Bang! And down.” As Laghmani’s fame swelled, hip-hop songs with the catchphrase “Taq chapako!” started to go viral on the Afghan internet. A version by one of the more popular Afghan hip-hop artists, Bezhan Kunduzi, celebrates the valor of Afghan troops fighting the growing insurgency.

Video Made in Herat Afghanistan 01.07.2018
Song: Oxgyen
Lyric: Homayoun Derakhshan & Dr Samay Hamed
Director+Camera : Asad Akhtari
Music recording :YR media Production (Kamran Qalandar)
Editing :Farhad Noori
Special: THANKS ( Kabul Boys Parkour )AZAD AKHTARI

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