Big Daddy Kane – Taste Of Chocolate (Video Version)

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Taste Of Chocolate (Video Version)
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Comment (37)

  1. You know, I like his rapping, but some of his songs like this one have a really annoying background groove. That background is so annoying I can't listen to the song.

  2. How did gangster rap foreshadow Kane, Rakim, P.E. And tons of others. Well Kane thought he was daddy long dick instead of sticking to good raps. Dr. Dre was solid, but come on!

  3. I will shove this freaking boot up your butt butt hole into a goes down to your skin and comes up to your mouth you got me so don't play with me again or I'll snatch leprechaun

  4. Love this song, still hate that it's an early example of the syndrome known as "hip-hop song that you love and buy the album for only to discover it's not there/ not in this form."

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