Big Mama Thornton – Hound Dog (1953)

Big Mama Thornton – Hound Dog (1953)

Before Elvis sang Hound Dog there was Big Mama Thornton, in 1952, she recorded “Hound Dog” while working with another Peacock artist, Johnny Otis. Songwriters Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller were present at the recording, with Leiber demonstrating the song in the vocal style they had envisioned.

The record was produced by Leiber and Stoller as Otis had to play drums after it was found that the original drummer couldn’t play an adequate part. It was the first time Leiber and Stoller produced a recording, which went to number one on the R&B chart. Although the record made her a star, she saw little of the profits. watch Elvis here


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  1. Too many stupid comments saying one better than the other they're both good versions Elvis's and this this was written for a Woman by amen they can be done by anyone God's sake that's why I was done his version and people with intelligence they're both good this is a later one no it's ruined and coughing a little bit of the drum roll from else's bid but this is obviously the best version in its way shouldn't even comment and getting worse than the people around in already

  2. Good for Mick. White rockers have no trouble giving credit to Black blues artists…in fact, at times they give too much credit. And one of the greatest Rock 'n' Roll artists of all time, Chuck Berry was influenced more by Country and Western than the Blues (just listen to Johnny B. Goode, Maybeline, etc.)…those records are not Blues records.

  3. fuck yeah, i'm ghoanna get drunk to dat. That's going to be easy, she dances like me when i want to dance rude ….. most folk think heavy magnetic sexy dancing is offensive& scary no matter what. And so ever since the disappearance of Soul Train, we dance like this only in our homes

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