Big Noyd featuring Prodigy – Recognize & Realize (Part I) (1996)

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BigNoyd 1996 Produzent: Havoc (Mobb Deep)
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Comment (44)

  1. This beat was completely different from the traditional mobb sound. This is why Prodigy sounds like he WAY MORE AGGRESSIVE and ANGRY. When i first heard it.. i did'nt think it was him for a second.,

  2. When I first heard this… I thought P was possessed. I didn't believe he could switch it up and flow over a beat like this… A departure of tradition mob deep sound.

  3. R.i.p
    Peace to capital P
    Im bout to cause havoc
    And get deep
    And I'm coming loud
    Not sotto voce
    So for those
    Who try to sneak peak the recipe
    Just enjoy the feast
    Peep the pedagogy.

  4. I'm from Queens. I bought this cassette in 96 along with a fat bag of trees. I doubt you internet niggas can relate. No hate. Just sayin..

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