Notorious B.I.G. – The World is Filled… (1997)

Biggie feat Too Short, Puff Daddy & Carl Douglas – The World is Filled… (Audio Video)

Written By Too $hort, Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie, Diddy & 1 more
Label: Bad Boy Entertainment & Arista Records
Mastered at Powers House Of Sound, NYC
Mastering Engineer: Herb Powers
Mixed At Daddy’s House Studios, NYC
Mixing Diddy & Tony Maserati
Recorded By Doug Wilson, Axel Niehaus & Ben Garrison
Engineers: John “JM” Meridith & Rasheed Goodlowe
Additional Vocals: Carl Thomas
Recorded At Caribbean Sound Basin (Trinidad, WI) & Daddy’s House Recording Studios (New York, NY)

Release Date: March 25, 1997

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  1. Dear Mr Wallace I know that u aware that RAP has took a turn and unfortunately it was not a turn for the better. There is a lot of tight beats but unfortunately the only ones that tell a story anymore is Jigga when he is not busy counting money and handling new business ventures and shit. Outside of all the "MUMBLERS" there are those who don't mumble the only problem is they only rap about diamonds, the hoes , and moving weight. Considering some it is good and catchy it kinda makes all of them artist's the same rapper just different voice's just however There is a nigga down south Kevin Gates he is a good story teller. I'm sure Pac told u bout Mozzy and Kendrick Lamar out West. And then we have J Cole who is Carolina's best story teller. The state I'm from is Tennessee and we got more than a few niggas doing there thing BUT ANYWAY I'LL GET TO THE REASON FOR MY LETTER IF U GET A CHANCE OR FILL LIKE FIXING THE CURRENT STATE OF HIP HOP ME AND IM SURE A WHOLE LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF U OR PAC WOULD TOSS SOMETHING DOWN HERE for us we would greatly appreciate it. Please and thank you

  2. Notorious Big, Sean Combs, Too Short and r&b music singer Carl Thomas The World Is Filled song is a classic. Sean Combs lyrics are funny LOL. Too Short's lyrics are funny LOL. Too Short made me laugh when he talked after he stopped rapping LOL. I didn't like Notorious Big's Life After Death double album. I like the album pictures. RIP Notorious Big. I love Notorious Big.

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