Biggie Smalls – Just Playing (Dreams) [Explicit]

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19.Biggie – Just Playing (Dreams)
From Album (Ready To Die – 2)
Bad Boy Records

Full Album Download 11.84$
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Comment (43)

  1. I can tell a lot of cardi fans in here 😴 talking bout Nicki ruined the beat 🖕🏾 I wanna see cardi do the shit but she can’t only her 👻✍🏾’s can but Nicki was paying homage not w.e y’all claim she was doing

  2. What happened to the skit that played before he started rapping. It’s went “yo Russ let me talk like before the music…” something like that.

  3. I bought a CD on the Boardwalk in Wildwood NJ called Best of BIG live at Mister Cees crib…had this and whole bunch of non album Biggie tracks on it…still the best purchase I ever made musically

  4. So this is the song where he called Xscape ugly. My first time listening to it; I overstand that he apologized to Kandi for that reference on the day he died but he shouldn't have called them something they are not. The chorus dope though.

  5. Many of you all in the comment section are weak and ignorant….Nicki Minaj literally payed homage to Biggie in the track…IMO Nicki did a phenomenal job riding the beat and with lyrics…they denied Michael of being king of pop but we all knew at heart he was…Now they gone try deny Nicki queen of rap, when she is…lets keep it real folks Barbie dreams was epic….r.i.p to b.i.g

  6. i like how yall wanna be notorious B.I.G die hard fans are shunning the people here from nicki minaj when in reality this probably the only song yall heard by him.

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