BILL $ABER – Dyin Slowly

BILL $ABER – Dyin Slowly

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📋 Lyrics for “Dyin Slowly” by Bill Saber
ate night feelin like a killa
when my heart stops thumpin then you might get a rise from it
humans still fuckin wit my feelins
but its ok ima kill em so dont you be surprised
and im still dyin slowly
bullets hit the minds and the souls fly away
get away, dont act like you know me,
niggas acting like dogs wit the 9’s and the k’s x2

kill everyday
die everyday
sacrifice lambs for the goat of our days
satan still sippin on the tears of the young
and the old still here but they cry everyday
smilin whenever theres torture
prayin agangst evil forces
think im loosin my brain, if you ask me im sane, if i tweak then thats high unfortnate
pray to God i dont go down that course yeah
they say never show your hand but its ok cause im the dealer
adjective flame and the noun godzilla
dont play bout mines fuck wit me and ima kill ya
ima send 7 shots from 16 niggas
ima send extra to make sure we did em
came wit the flo that still splittin yo ceilin
angels are knockin the monsters are kickin
back gainst the wall and dont like this feelin
i up up the ante, still fallin still slippin
far from the finish, but im closin distance
stuck on the world with the muslims and christains
my blood not my blood and white people crippin
blow the whistle, they aint fair
they be wastin, all this time to spear
im put the truth in the air
while these people talk about my hair

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