Bizarre Addresses Detroit Hip-Hop Scene(Eminem/Royce Da 5’9/Tee Grizzley)

Bizarre Addresses Detroit Hip-Hop Scene(Eminem/Royce Da 5’9/Tee Grizzley)


Bizarre of D12 addresses the state of Hip-Hip in Detroit and the disrespect younger Detroit rappers have for Eminem, Royce Da 5’9, Big Sean and himself.

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  1. Damn, I seen this happen in the birthplace of CRUNK, Memphis Tennessee. Soooo much talent in Memphis in the 90’s, but dissed each other instead of helping each other get outta the crab bucket.

  2. Dis what I c 5ft9 slick haten but cleaned it up by sayn wait cuz u don't want folks sayn he only hot cuz of u now check dis out everybody dat m did sumn wit from da D where dey career go don't worry I'll wait u 5ft9 really don't want it to happen cuz yo shit didn't take off matter of fact none of u niggas shit did D12 shit only sold cuz m was on it take m away album wouldn't been no where near gold only 1 man n history able to do a song without m and pop dats 50 RIP PROOF he would of told m to do dat shit bet money on dat

  3. Lies ninja y'all had beef with Royce back in the day. But you said you never dissed a Detroit rapper lol. Now Royce is still fucking with Eminem lol. N there is a time frame for everything. When did Eminem think about doing a song with tee? After or before he stated Eminem aint in his top 5. H honestly Who gives a flying fuck. Is fat joe in Eminem top 5 probably not. You're being very contradictive bizarre. You don't have to idolize a rapper to do a song with them especially when its all about the FT cost GTFOH lying out your teeth lmfao

  4. Eminem more than likely never cared for tee grizzley if that was the case then why did an Atlanta label pick tee grizzley up before a Detroit major makes no sense if they truly believed in tee grizzley somebody w a major label would have picked him up before Atlanta

  5. Before Em came out wit My name is the only thing I knew about the D was Gm. Em is definitely 1 of the best to do it and that's from a down south NC rap fan. This generation can't take opinions very well and when they feel like someone has wrong them they retaliate. Smh! What all y'all need to do up in the D is go to Lake St. Clair and the Detroit river and go fishing to get out dem streets, so you can show the younger generations some positivity in yo city.🐟🎣 Take a KID fishing

  6. Hip hop is a culture ,a Craft and who ever respect the art and legends of the art I respect, it's amazing I've grown with hip hop and will die listening too it ,

  7. Yo am from Liverpool England an even I know without em an d22 rap would be big enough for this many ppl to wanna an try to be a rapper I remember befbefore 2000s wen it weren't as commercial as now an that's thanks to them an Pac an few others open in the way a bit

  8. People have been talking trash about EM for years because he isnt played in the hood, yet when they want to pursue a rap career in Detroit or anywhere they quick to ask or Accept a hand out lmao a lot of these new rappers don't deserve Eminem, Royce, Or bizarre features

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