Black Josh & Truthos Mufasa in The Mouse Outfit Studio (HD)

Black Josh & Truthos Mufasa in The Mouse Outfit Studio (HD)

Produced by Chini
Find us at:
Cypher in the Mouse Outfit studio with Black Josh and Truthos Mufasa.




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Comment (47)

  1. I don't know how many matha fucking time I repeated this clip. Fuck spectacular. I'm in my early 40s and If I would to die tomorrow at least I know that Hip Hop is well and alive in the hands of young and talented MC's in the UK. Much love coming from Canada.

  2. Lol no way wondered wher u went after Waterloo tell ur sis I said hey nice one like the tracks u sound sick didn't know u had flows better get that piano training in on it since u spent years winding me and Ya sister up put it sum use lol xx

  3. Why aren't you guys famous mouse outfit & its artist make the sickest music & lyrics. You guys are as good if not better than joey baddass, earl sweatshirt, mac miller, Tyler the creator,

  4. Is there a were to find the instrumental ? I felt in love I guess. PLZ PLZ PLZ ahah.

    Oh btw, I just finished to digg all your upload ! Awesome ! I uploaded my favs here

    I have many heads from all around the world on this website, but I will use it to shout out on my +300k hip hop fanpage about you and your music. Hope it will help you to go a step higher on the stairs of fame. 

    Peace to Yall ! I stay tuned.

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