bladee – bloodveil/stillborn (feat. ECCO2k)

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bloodveil/stillborn —prod. @whitearmor1
DL – 💉
#DGG 💉 💉 #SHieldGang #GTB 💉 💉 @BladeeCity #EverSince #3V3R51NC3


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Comment (34)

  1. A man I have always loved and now lives very far away from me sent me a letter a few days ago. He wrote down the lyrics to this song, along with the lyrics to another song called "mirage" or something like that. Well, my new boyfriend beat the fuck out of me because he checked the mail and read it before I had a chance to. He tried to video chat the dude to show him what he was doing to me, pulling my hair, hitting my face, spitting on me etc., but he didn't answer. The dude who sent the letter and I haven't had contact in a very long time. My boyfriend now is just crazy and suspicious and very abusive to me. I just looked up this song and it will forever sound like the taste of blood and the heroin he bought me to apologize for the beating. I ended up overdosing and getting narcanned that night, and my new boyfriend went to sleep. I took that opportunity to get in touch with other dude and talking to him til the sun came up, before saying goodbye to him forever. I don't know why I'm posting this but it feels good to get it out.

  2. Off some pink flats, trying to get my feelings back
    Breathing in the ash, X should mark the hidden past
    A thousand bits of glass on me, I got glitter hands
    Turning into sand, vacuum seal like plastic bags
    Sleeping with a chain on me, feel like 50 shades
    Issey Miyake, CDG my aftershave
    It feels like acid rain, every day I feel the same
    Maybe in a way I will never feel again
    I gotta disconnect when they get too intimate
    Buy Afgan, breaking open cigarettes
    I'm so innocent, but I got some evil friends
    I just want to spend, never fall in love again

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