Blak Twang – Big Smoke

Blak Twang – Big Smoke

UK Hiphop 1998



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  1. The world we live in is changing, anyone reading this know this is the truth and all beings on this planet that are good need to know this, the devil has full control of everyone in Britain, using magic and technology mixed together he has been able to gain the ability to control who he wants, all but one, and yes that's Jesus, sounds mad and trust me when I found out I was shocked, no one will tell you this in Britain cause fear rains at the moment, this is a battle for this planet and has been going on since the creation of human beings, demons are doing there best to take over, but they have gained control of everyone to keep Jesus, or rather the reincarnation of him in a type of mental prison, he has incarnated here 2 other times once as winston Churchill and another as biggie smalls, the number 7 is a regular occourace in understand this, if you look at numerology you will see the significants of that number. Also Hitler's was the devil, these things have come to pass through meetings with interdenemsional beings. That's how the devil found out who he was and Jesus as when your reincarnated you can't remember, that's how he learned how to cast the spell which allows him to control anyone he wants, this is serious and I'm writing this so that more people around the planet may know about, hopefully you believe, you will know soon enough probably if you don't. I'm also writing this so you understand how we have let negative enterties take control of a planet made for peace in the hope that something may change in you and your life that benefits the greater battle of light and dark, this planet and its beings need to be taken care of reguardless of what you believe, big up all my multidimensional entities…. in the great words of Dmx.. your hungry for knowledge here it is (in a minimal form) eat it.

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