106 and Park Champion Blind Fury freestyling after the Grind Mode Cypher shoot in Savannah, Georgia. Beat by Lingo

Watch Blind Fury in
Grind Mode Cypher Charlotte Vol. 10
Grind Mode Cypher Secret Sessions Vol. 4
His latest viral freestyle

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Lingo beats

SATU Music



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Comment (46)

  1. Mixes his rum with Pepsi that's disgusting.. and I'm not trying to put him down but why is he always rapping about girls and sex. When everybody lovesbut there ain't no girl going to get with him looking into those crazy eyes..only say that because I seen them do a rap without his glasses and it was pretty.. and I am no way perfect but I also don't run around saying that every girl wants to get with me..

  2. I don't think folks even realize how much skill this man has……he was born blind, and although technology can facilitate accessibility for impaired folks like never before…….there are no interfaces for rhyming dictionaries, suggestions on how to improve workflow do not account for the seeing impaired, as many are not applicable. Sorry to nerd out, but MAD respect for you Fury, you keep on headin for that freestyle GOAT m/

  3. The elephant in the room is that B Fury is a one trick pony. His charm literally hinges upon his ability to freestyle. If he plans his lyrics out the magic is virtually gone. I'm not saying his lines are weak (not at all) but the reason his lines hit different for most is because we are convinced it's freestyle. This is not a bad thing – he's skilled at it and deserves respect, and perhaps to enjoy a measure of success from it, but it is what it is. Everyone on here hoping that it will be more than that, or wondering why he's not a major artist don't understand his genius, craft, and niche in my opinion.

  4. I feel like when you’re blind it actually gives you an advantage, you appreciate sound more and in a way you got an advantage bc all you do is listen and learn to get w it

  5. 99% of statistics are made up. That being said, 99% of "freestyle raps" aren't freestyle at all. They are written down, practiced and then delivered. The 1%, Blind Fury, he can't write his thoughts down on paper and he can't read them, even if he was able to write them down. Unless he's some wizard at Braille, but I don't see him rubbing his fingers over any bumps on paper. That's how you know this man is possibly the most talented freestyle artist ever to live.

  6. I feel like Blind fury didn't get big cause of the people around him. Bunch of lames.

    The crowd in this vid seems cool tho.
    I hope one day he makes a mainstream breakthrough.

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