Blockhead – Kiss The Cook feat. Aesop Rock

Blockhead’s FREE SWEATPANTS available January 18, 2019

“Kiss the Cook” featuring Aesop Rock is the first single from Blockhead’s upcoming LP, Free Sweatpants out January 18th on Backwoodz Studioz. Free Sweatpants also features Open Mike Eagle, Armand Hammer (ELUCID & billy woods), Homeboy Sandman, Breezly Brewin, TREE, Vic Spencer, Hemlock Ernst, and MarQ Spekt, amongst others.

Song Written and Produced by Blockhead
Featuring Aesop Rock Recorded and Mixed by Baby Dayliner @ the Dayliner Manor
Artwork by Shane Ingersoll (


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  1. I puke a worm in your mouth, I punch a hole in the screen, I hold my nuts when I rap, I throw my phone in the sea, notice the woefully unfrozen mosey up out of Cocytus, dap his homie, check his vitals, swat a bogie til he spirals, the golden oldie miners hack a nugget out the river dance, press it to the boogie break, dress it up in pentagrams, wookie face, look, I don't panic in the fray, I broadcast all black magick with a "K", K? Late to his own selfies, the belly is King Hippo, the M.O. Is Van Helsing, the hello is from a portrait of abhorrent man melting, spells out "help" in his canned corn helping, and never pushed mongo, back foot kicking out the larval stage, front foot navigate the marble maze, blues crooners off the usual at Hooters, drag a Liliputian kicking and screaming into the future

    I wrote this eating tekka maki off a naked lady, in a questionable wardrobe for which you can blame the 80s, a reference to his adolescent days in basic training, way before devolving into self-deluded naval-gazing, ummm, wakey wakey, jaded makers of the achey-breaky heart, feign valor, brain matter wading though the mason jar, stare at the sun ‘til he bay at the moon, share crumbs with the drums 'til he lay in the tomb, vroom, cold roll up on a very clean easel, turn a landscape into unspeakable evil, eek, it's un-freaking-believable, freakish over fitting in, voices in his head that beleaguer the equilibrium, sit down Waldo, his form is barely functional, messenger of death, professionally uncomfortable, and I don't always push all my convictions thru the Neumann but you people still defending the police are fucking poison

    blood vessel in his eye all fucked up, from holding up the sky all “nyuck nyuck”, my wires all criss-crossed, I'm equally happy to rap or get lost, old cro-mag throwing scraps at the sled dogs, yes y'all, death hawking his distress call, horse fly backstroking through the bread bowl, bedsores, bad hair, raised on bad news, make bad songs you could twirl a bad 'stache to, Nanu Nanu, styles like wild javelinas stampeding over Bob Dobalinas, with a boomerang, bow, slingshot and ocarina, rock shock, not the property of any knocking reaper, all these posers, aggie and unchauffeured, came to the party like a pox on the culture, flip the rook, kiss the cook

  2. So i'm pretty sure i've heard every song by this dude at this point and i can almost easily say this is my favorite song from both of them. I feel like i could listen to this on repeat forever and never get tired of it although i'm obviously not going to try

  3. this song gives me serious madvillian vibes, not a normal feeling from aes. Like he finally stopped trying to impress everyone and just startin doin ME in a ruthless efficient way

  4. "Nanu nanu, the style's like wild javelinas stampeding over Bob Dobolinas/ with a boomerang, bow, slingshot, and Ocarina/ Rock shock, not the property of any knocking reaper"

    Another Aes classic

  5. It's good to see you two working together again. God, I've missed this.
    Hey Tony, it's the girl from Arizona who said your music was macabre. ♥
    Hey Ace, it's the girl from Flagstaff who said "Say 'hi' to Anthony." and you said, "Who?"
    Love you both.

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