bloodsent 2010 Macedonia Baptist Church

Artist: Bloodsent
Song: “Take It Outta Me”
Director: Matthew Salih
Contact: [email protected]

Bloodsent Ministered their song in benefiting Haiti, which the service raised money for. This was filmed at Macedonia Baptist Church in Duquesne. Awesome ministry….

Church Background:
This church is one of the oldest churches in Duquesne, Started in the 1800s when they called the place Fort Duquesne, under the general and early president George Washington. Africans were brought over to Georgia and the Carolinas and sold for 25 to 50 cent by their own people up state to Fort Duquesne. Perhaps to sustain their own living conditions. The Families of Duquesne today, are direct descendents of unknown Tribes…

History of Haiti:
An unknown Fact, haiti was one of the few instances to which africans won their independence. They sacrified 100 bulls and smeared the blood on the chest of every warrior and won beat every army occupying haiti, this included napoleons mighty troops, since they lost so much, they were forced to eat dogs and france was forced to sell Louisiana to one of the European empires to gain back so much money they lost from their defeated campain. This was known as, “The Louisiana Purchase”…

However, the french retaliated against haiti for humiliating them in defeat that they cut down much of haiti’s trees and selling the wood for profit. Haitians held trees in high honor because they were used to connect to their ancestors, who lived in the strong roots of the trees, this, cutting them from their past forever. For more understanding on this without losing your interest on the subject, just watch James Cameron’s Avatar, and history will be explained to you in 3D. Greatmovie too, i liked it… Since then, the land has been more susceptible to floods and hurricanes as a result. And the empire vowed to make sure that Haiti would never rise again, this is why its one of the poorest countries on earth.

This time i decided to add some different effects, mainly toward the end of the song. Time spent was 2 to 3 hours in editing and rendering.

Be on the look out for “Fighting Light”, resurrection.this summer……..


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  1. SHIT took me a year to reply.. Bad Manners man.. haha But to answer your question Macedonias in a hard way bruv.. One of the poorest countries in Europe.. You should have a geez at Macedonian history..With Alexander the Great and how Cleopatra has Macedonian blood ties..About the saints and churches there..Good read Man..I appreciate your interest anyway let me know a little bit more about the Church bloke,Im hitting the States early next year and would love to come through.. Anyway,Peace my man

  2. @AlexanderRolevski Unfortunately not my friend, it was the church of my great grand mother in the 1800s, its over 120 years old. nevertheless we have spiritual ties with all believers, even to those living in macedonia! 🙂 cool, i never spoke to a macedonian before!!! what's it like over there?!!!

  3. grouse macedonian, can someone explain to me how this church formed and if it refers to the scriptures in which macedonia was mentioned in a dream paul had.. in other words if this church has any macedonian ties.. thanks

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