Blue Story – World Exclusive Clip + Trailer | MTV Movies

Blue Story – World Exclusive Clip + Trailer | MTV Movies

Check out this world exclusive clip of Blue Story.

Hard-hitting crime drama about two friends who become rivals in a vicious London gangland war.

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Comment (47)

  1. im from lewisham ..and on this film ..make the youth look like they are proper hard and serious….yes one or two has the balls to kill someone….but most of them are afraid little boys who soon stop acting like big men when they realise you aint gonna take their little kid shit…they turn into pussy hole…and black youth gonna watch this ..and dont realise this is what white society wants…to encourage more of it….fucking ydiots…the black youth that is ..think they are achieving ..when in reality they are holding themselves back..fucking thick cunts….. suck YOUR MUM.

  2. One of the best films I've seen in a long time proper life lesson so many funny parts,dark parts and a wake up call to stupid youngers trying to be gangsters over a fucking postcode it's sad 4 some.people let films or series like Top Boy get to they're heads too much those are made for entertainment and sends out the message on why gang life is a stupid thing to do nothing good about it at all if Top Boy didn't teach anyone anything hopefully they'll have some common sense after watching this, if they don't then they're fucking retards

  3. Another black negative film about LONDON Life ,lets make some positive films about Black youth …..instead of making the youth seem all about knives and guns.& gangs.

  4. All these guys are wanabe, catch one of them, drag him to thr Town centre, beat him and strip him naked, tuck him up in tyres, petrol Bath and lite him up.. And let that be known to be the punishment for stabbers caught,… All of them would chill the fuck out.. Burn them alive in public

  5. I’ve said this from time. Trying to fight man cah you ain’t from the same endz..dumb asf! You don’t own nattin in this world, you’ll die and leave it all behind.

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