Bob Marley Burning and Looting tonight



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  1. @dropesotomayor Its funny, I must be blind. When I first respoded to your comment I realized immediately after that about three other people had already responded to the same effect. So I was like beating a dead horse because even by the time responded to you, you were already aware of what he actually said. So, oops! But I truly agree with this statement. Minds that are polluted with greed and conceitedness could care less about the ecology, they will destroy it for everyone then die not caring

  2. @sideyone1 Why? I don't think Tosh had even half the wisdom and charisma that Marley had. And that's based on over 25 years of carefull watching both of them.

  3. @ryanevans17
    Bcoz the world is full of stress today, especially from the TV, look the kids today many canot sit calm anymore for more than 10 mins, and unable to use their fantasy right, coz tvs and playsations grilled their heads. One of the biggest problems of today, coming out of the tv. The tv of today (maybe lets say the media itself) changed this world on 180". Imagine the world without Tv or not in this intesity, people would be creative instead of sittin in front of a box. A shame..

  4. Fuck those free-loading pricks that think they can just steal rather than work for a living. What kind of world do they think they want to live in? They have no fucking idea. Rioting bunch of wanks. I piss on you all.

  5. fuck the police fuck the rioters and fuck you too i look after me and my own init you should do the same, stop chatin shit bout stuf you dont no if every one thought like you fuckers the world would be even more fucked up .

  6. @Dymeckyyy Bob Marley has taught me eveyrthing. I think that all the people have been schooled from Him,
    are brothers in some way.
    Bob Marley is our mentor.So we are brothers.It's time for His disciples to unite

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