Bob Marley – LEGACY: 75 Years A Legend (Episode 1)

Bob Marley – LEGACY: 75 Years A Legend (Episode 1)

Bob Marley – LEGACY: 75 Years A Legend (Episode 1). Subscribe to the channel to never miss an update:

LEGACY: A year-long audio and visual odyssey, featuring 12 newly crafted stories exploring Bob Marley’s impact today. The series will also include Marley Sessions with live covers by today’s artists, and the Visual Legend with 14 all new music videos.

Watch official music videos in the Best of Bob Marley playlist:

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Comment (33)

  1. We listen to Bob Marley every day, not a day goes by without Bob. He was a messenger a prophet. It opens your eyes and makes you aware of all the things around you.
    Greetz from The Netherlands you are a true legend. Yuh mek mi happy.
    It’s time to go back To Jamrock.

  2. Truly beautiful! What a wise man.
    I am not religious at all, but the message that this man told us all arises every religion.
    Love. Peace. Unity. Respect.

  3. Amazing!! Bob is life…but, I just ask you to put the name of interviews people during more time on the screen…Is it possible?… It is important we know the people are talking about the core of Bob's heart…

  4. Jah blessed, apprecialove i n i, Earthstrong gift (my born day Feb 28), the release of this video! Bless up Ghetto Youth International and Tuff Gong all day long, keep shining! One love 💖💛🖤💚

  5. In a 100 years there will be no mention of jesus, muhammed or yahweh Q : why ?
    A : Because Bob Marley is above all of them and he existed = no mor war 👊🏿🤣🤣🤣

  6. Aloha from Maui, This new edit of footage I seen many many times over the years, Is STILL GOOD! If u got fire ? it set it eh blaze. Bob Marley message music is timeless. Leah Tunkara,

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