Bob Marley + The Fugees – You Can't Stop the Shining (Full Album) | David Begun

0:00 Fu-Gee-Jam
5:25 Boom Biddy Bye Trouble
9:25 The PJ’s Are Shining
14:49 I Shot (That Thing)
19:53 Lost One Love
26:17 Coming In From the Jungle
31:45 Killing In Vain
38:13 No Women, Sweet Thing

This newest mashup/remix album brings together the most prominent reggae artist with the hip-hop group known most for their reggae influence. The collection takes various Fugees songs and remixes the lyrics with instrumentation from some of the most classic Bob Marley songs. Featuring rearranged original recording tracks, this project blends the essence of Marley’s reggae sentiment with the strict hip-hop vibes from the Refugee camp.

released October 11, 2017

Original music by the Fugees and Bob Marley
Remixed by David Begun

Buy and download it here:

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Comment (49)

  1. This is friggn amazing thank you to wherever took the time to put this amazing mix together. You clearly have an indepth knowledge and love for reggae and Mr. Marley's extensive library… it's already a given you have that same love for hiphop that's why i wasn't guna mention it lol.
    But godam broham dope jam 👍

  2. is like listenting you your uncle and your cousings at the same time. I dont like th his mash up overlap o deals. sorry. good work though

  3. WOW – that is actually a piece of shit, can't listen to any of this song cause they don't match each other and there are many moments that this shit is out of tune. Shame on you bro, you choosed music liked by everybody, so it was quite easy but you managed to kill the spirit of both anyway – :((((

  4. I discovered your channel 2 days ago and Im listnening through everything you uploaded. This and the Aesop Rock x Pete Rock Mash Up are my favourites so far! The Em Mash Up was very interessting aswell. I wouldve never thought of this mash up in a billion years 😂Your work is insanely good !!! I shared a few mash ups of yours and the responce was very positive.

    Since Im here, I will just write you some suggestions.

    Wu Tang Clan over Sean Price Beats

    Prince and Michael Jackson

    Lupe over DOOM/Madlib/Ant (from Atmosphere) Beats

    You deserve much more recognition man! I swear all the Hip Hop Heads love you for your work hahahah. Keep it up Bro!

    Greetings from Germany ✌️

  5. I appreciate what you’re doing with this channel! Big Ups! Blessings!

    *And… ‘Killing in Vain’ should be a track, by itself. (JS)

  6. Your channel is one of best on YouTube .. period … these mash ups are legendary … fuck … please lemme find an outkast grateful dead mash up lol … outkast mashup wit anyone..big boi black keys was a teaser lemme hear that 3 stacks

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