Bob Marley vs. Biggie Smalls [Reggae vs. Hip Hop]

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Another mix I made in acid pro. Misty Morning by Bob Marley mixed with Everyday Struggle by Biggie Smalls

!EDIT! — 18/09/2012 —

By popular demand, new download link is now up. Checkit –


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  1. @judahdavey "Judah"davey – Everything Biggie raps about is morally wrong, so sayeth The Conquering Lion of The Tribe of Judah! Give Thanks! Biggie was a downpressor and in the end he had no where to run, he had to face and suffer the consequences of his actions; violent death. So you say I'm judging, I say I'm stating the facts. Rasta only deal wit facts! Bob says drugs are wrong, alcohol, violence, hatred – everything Biggie glamorized.

  2. @bleemer420 this song started as a sample of the intro (ascending trumpet melody), then i added a random biggie acapella i had. At this point i had no hook so I decided to use the original chorus. This song isn't an attempt at a statement, it is just how it came out. No one can tell me what i'm doing is wrong or right, it is what it is and the fact that you're being so picky and contrived suggests that maybe you need to have a look at the message mate. If you don't like it, leave it alone.

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