Bobby Franklin’s Insanity – Bring It On Down To Me (part one) 1969

Bobby Franklin’s Insanity – Bring It On Down To Me (part one)




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  1. The greatest!! Self taught: vocals, drums, guitar, xylophone (vibes as he calls them) piano, etc… this man is unstoppable. Always has been… I've known him all of my life. He's my dad. 😍He's an amazing teacher and musician. Plays the good stuff- real music- very different from most stuff you hear today. I'm so glad he instilled that love of music in us as kids. My love of Jazz (Coltrane, Miles, etc), Soul/Funk (Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, Motown, etc) Rock (Jimi!!) and even reggae (Bob Marley) comes from him!! It's in my blood!! And YES he's still got that soul and funk and plays music every day! Music is like breath to him. My kiddos love Granddad- they know they'll get to play music when we visit. They're some of the only 6 and 1 year olds that prefer James Brown and Coltrane to Beiber or someone of their generation's music scene! Proud momma, proud daughter. Love you daddy!! 🤗😍😎

  2. I always loved this song,! I love this group!why do you ask? because this is my dear oldest brother.He still has the soul just like he did back in 1970! He is still with his music,after all these years! Thanks​ dear brother for you and your beautiful music! love from your baby sister!, love Sylvia.

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