Boka Mystik – Far From Home | Nepalese Hip Hop Rap Song

Far from Home- A Boka Mystik

Mama they sent me to a place where death is breathing,
i’M shootin ma enemies, at the same to lookin for reasons.
Why they leaving a life so precious, from the seasonings of these bullets…
These bullets, Ma bullets, beatining mama’s children…
They dying life of meaning…being a victim,
to these bullets, Ma bullets,
They got sumthin to livefor, to diefor,
To cryfor..
I got nothing but shitlord, a sidewhore,
Defiedmore. to these politicians a sidedoor…
I’m dyin a life of grieving..
Jelousy from their death,
fighting a war without a meaning..
is relecking in my breath,
I look around to see the faces,
And see that i’m not alone..
Every bullet spraying forward,
is taking us far from home…
I try to close my eyes,
all i see iz fire burning…
we paving our own deaths,
Given power to these serpents…
Signing ma life away,
the war is in our homes…
Find urself n take ma breath away,
this war isn’t ma own…

They didn’t send you anywhere,
You were never far from home,
Your home is this dirt,
Your home is this air,
Your is their blood,
Your home is behind you,
Behind your blind eyes…
Let this life penetrate you….

Mama all u hearin By politicians is false,
We aint fightin for freedom rather dissolving the salt,
Of their pulse or cause for gainin power n’ all,
They speaking magic when they cry for our deaths,
We reeking havoc while they crawl into bed,
I can’t believe I chose this life with a rifle,
Even the priest was preaching war through the bible,
Mama lets not pretend, Drama in parliament,
Causin the fall of men, Trauma we gotta end,
Closing ma eyes I froze, Beyond the breath of death,
And yes I’m coming close, to pawn the devil’s stretch,
His brick was in my heart, Bullets shattered its form,
His wood became my mind, with fire Ashes reborn,
Mama I’m waking up, From centuries of sleep,
I’ve never died at all, Eternally I’m free,
I see a light inside, Penetratring me,
I feel a sound is heard, but silence never speaks,
I see I’ve found my home, I jus forgot the way,
These bullets are absurd, with it we’ll be erased,
Erase urself instead, and humanity is saved…

Erase the mind,
Erase your politicians,
Erase your past,
That past where you lost your way,
Far from home…

This moment is all, That moment is none,
If that moment is far, This moment is done,
Bombs over Baghdad, This moment gone,
Blood for breakfast, This moment is wrong…
Mama I see, This moment is me,
Lettin ma Loniless Speak, the moment is free,,,
These Moments a seed, growing in me,
Rememberin those moments greed,
I see the phony in me,
Breathin the now, shrapenel seizing a cloud,
Beyond the leisure of death, we falling beneath the animals now..
These bullets taking the moments away,
The moments to gaze, at flowers n pray..
These politicians holding humanity’s grave,
Using these moments to stake, as a voting charade,
Mama the sun is a god, The pagans were right,
Sumthing the Christians forgot,
I’ve been blinded, But now im seeing the stars,
Now I know that my Home, has never been far…

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