Boka Mystik – Like Ripple In The Sea | Nepalese Hip Hop

Boka Lewis aka A Boka Mystik (The Goat) performing “Like Ripple In The Sea”.

Like Ripples – A Boka Mystik

No sounds, no mind, but sounds of trees,
No lights, no-mind, but rays, sun shine,
Sunset, oh my, sunrise be mine ,
This dream, this death, the sky, blue sky,
I dream, this death, with my blue sky,
I’ve seen distress, oh my, just lies…
Your eyes they feed this void inside,
The Void, your touch, hides in disguise,
These thoughts, they paint the void with lines,
These thoughts, create the world outside…
I watch these thoughts, keep flowing by,
I ride these waves, rejoice the ride,
I watch the river flow inside…
Paddle my way, and mold my dreams,
One day I dream, Reality,
Perfect my art, and dance again,
Just play the notes and laugh again,
The strings are high, the pitch is low,
This aint the way its gotta go,
Tune your strings, be part of me,
Hand in hand, in harmony.

Like Ripples in the Sea,
Like Ripples in the Sea,
Like Ripples in the Sea,
Flowing towards the moon..

The Sun is down, it leaves the gold,
The gold will mould blue skies above,
I close my eyes, and feel the crisp,
Breeze blow by, as silence drifts,
Mosquitoes try, and deep they dig,
And also try to win their prize.
First dawn of spring, we welcome you…
Who knows when you’ll stop passing by.
The geese, they sing, rejoicing the first day
Of spring…
I watch, I hear, I feel the song..
It’s your night, keep flying high,
Its your sky…be free and feel the mystery…
The sun is far and darkness lurks…
The first night of spring is on this earth…
I’ll wait till you fully arrive…
Cuz the bluish gold still in its place…
But the silent breeze, cool and crisp, is slowly
Paving your way….
This is your home, enjoy your stay….


You’re here, you’ve come, fully arrived,
The storm has passed, you’re here to stay,
Oh my greed, keeps you away,
You’re here right now, moon shining bright,
Light up the sky with your delight,
Not like the sun, you’ve got your ways,
First night of spring, Oh god I praise,
The starry night, you’ve come and gone,
A Million nights, I’ve missed, so long…
How far Ive been from Paradise,
How close its been to me…
By no way have I grasped it yet,
By no way I reached..
I’ve only seen these glimpses here,
Rare and far between…
This search, this life, this mystery..
Do I even want to reach?
These hills I’ve climbed,
These storms I’ve passed,
Just wither in the breeze..
Just fade away into the moon,
Like ripples in the sea….

Nepalese Hip Hop

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