Bones – Incompatible (Yido Performance Music Video)

Bones – Incompatible (Yido Performance Music Video)

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🗒️ Lyrics “Bones & Cat Soup – Incompatible”
Fuck’s wrong with you, don’t get along with you
Won’t hit the dope, get in a car or on a song with you
Don’t like the way that you move, can’t fuck with what you do
Since SESH is always number one, it’s always fuck you too
I’m still under the ground, still movin’ the truth
You could’ve dropped a million songs, still never heard a tune
Slither through the gloom when the moon has bloomed
We all know somebody that click-clack kaboom
I’m soon to assume you ready to be doomed
Before I even touch you, you already turned blue
First sight damage on can’t ban it
If the world is yours then I own multiple planets
The highest of the standards, the lowest of hopes
I’m in the house at the top of the hill filled with ghosts
Scratchin’ at the wall, floatin’ down the hall
Waitin’ for a visitor to let me haunt
I don’t squeeze Glocks to put ’em in the truck
I just make sure that they never wake up
(Never wake up, never wake up, never wake up)
I don’t squeeze Glocks to put ’em in the truck
I just make sure that they never wake up (up, up, up)

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