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📝 Lyrics for “RedRover” by Bones

[Verse 1]
Punk motherfuckers, duck motherfuckers
Play with Bones, and I promise you’ll get fucked motherfuckers
I’ll put you on something, I don’t fuck with no suckers
Kick rap, smoke dope, then I ride like buster
I’m the motherfucking Scumbag, never forget
I’m comprised of bad days, and subtle regrets
I got the, hand on the Tec, and the clip, and the Nine
Say another word like Pinky, get popped your a clown
I lay yo ass back, just like a La-Z-Boy
Too much woods been smoked, still hazy boy
White paint, black seats, old fashion my rover
Red rover, red rover, call your bitch on over
Used to want a Benz G, with the flash like Hova
‘Till I turned a certain age, and saw he popped like soda
So out of tune with what’s cool, like just a old man
But I’m still magic somehow, poof, Alakazam

All metal my spot, then honeycomb my base
The rifle off safety just to ensure I’m safe
I will bang
All your boys give a fuck, what you claim
It’s TeamSesh ’till I lay

[Verse 2]
Feeling something like Black Dynamite
But I’m white like lightning, when it finally strikes
I crack road, smash homes, and break the foundation
I was high for so long, I’m on a permanent vacation
Had, dope in my nails, burn marks on the floor
Got skeleton soldiers, if you want to go to war
Heard your shit one time, to say the least I was bored
You act tough on the surface, but you’re soft to the core

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