Boss Belly freestyle – Westwood Crib Session

O.L. Boss Belly goin in with one of the hardest Crib Session!


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  1. . Not the worst of raps or the worst of style but you and your boy been practicing that one a good long long while!! So I'm supposed to believe this shits a freestyle?? Yeah and you'll see where I fell off the turnip truck back about a mile!! Putting this under my bullshit file

  2. Boss belly put Mozart mans on the map but its true that man he done 3 shootings on Mozart and got banned from the estate
    When he went in jail man gave 7crack lines to fredo when he was 15 fuck knows what happened between them but they shouldn't have fell out with man

  3. These rimes writen by a jinn and i dont think he know, jinn gave him talent, but his wordplay is mad. Come on Fredo step your game up

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