Brothers Of The Stone – The Pits (AUDIO)

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Leaf Dog from ‘Brothers Of The Stone’ drops a fresh exclusive track ‘The Pits’ produced by Illinformed lifted from the ‘Cartoon Days’ EP which is OUT NOW at:

Look out for the ‘Brothers Of The Stone’ album coming soon on High Focus Records on CD, digital and limited edition double vinyl!

Photos by Anis Ali

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Comment (34)

  1. LYRICS:

    Coughing up lung butter, I can feel my throat's lump
    You're thinking that the picture jumpy, so we head for bad country
    Fresh days in the park, slugs looking real lovely, ass chunky type of poor rats that ain't fluffy
    Then I see this one husky, she walks nearer, the type that you would see with your local drug dealer
    As she opens her trap, it all gets clearer, talking like she's on a level but I can't hear her
    She appeared to be what you call a good catch, but you're fucked if the next-man's money you can't match
    This Venus flytrap walked away in disbelief with a slug-trail following shouting "You thief!"
    All I want is some peace on this sunshine day, so I told her I was good and I sent her on her way
    I ain't got time to play, only money to burn haze
    So scarce they won't rep, I ain't got much to say

    So we carried on, chilling until the late night
    Feeling high, cause no rain in England is a rare sight
    Everybody's looking drunk, I can tell there'll be a fight
    Then some kiddies kick off over a girl they both like
    All I heard's a smash pint, then the shouting stopping
    One lying on the floor with the other pissing on him- a straight wronging, and all for the wet rug, when you're lying in your bed remember it's what you dug
    Then I seen the same slug beefing at the man that did it
    That could've been me in need of a new jaw fitting
    You heard her shouting bout- how she's going to the clinic
    She didn't mean to fuck him, and she really wasnt with it
    It's fully twisted, but you know the real reason was to get him back for cheating on her, now she feels even
    It's mating season, but be careful where you dip, cos' a nice cave can turn into a deadly spiked pit

  2. One of the best! Classic. Lovely beat and mastered well. Got the raw delivery like the early 90's but a much crisper full sounding track. Great work by LeafDog + Illinformed + Verbs 😉

  3. Every beat Leaf dog makes is flawless.definately up there battlin with the top dogs in America.only just started lookin into artists on High Focus and fuck me I've been missing out!

  4. These guys jacked my beat! I made this beat December 2012 and uploaded it April 2013. Look on my channel and listen to J.ERA – Vengeance (Instrumental). This is not fair! YouTube is trying to copyright me for a beat I made!

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