Buster Benton – Money Is The Name of The Game

Album: Blues & Trouble, Buy: http://amzn.to/2HLze94
Lyrics: It’s a pity
Low down and dirty shame
Lord its A pity, Low down and dirty shame
Tell me how can a poor man make it
I say when money is the name of the game

I used to have to a best credit
Every place in town
I sign my name no money down
Things ain’t tough y’all
And old Buster leads on
Now my name won’t even buy me
Now my name won’t buy me
A piece of bubblegum
Its a pity
Low down dirty shame

Tell me how can I poor man make it
I say when money is the name of the game

****** Piano Solo **********

So bad baby yeah…

******* Guitar Solo ********
Thinking here about the good time
I know has passed
It ain’t the old ravishing me
But it got me looking for Game
Its a pity
Low down and Dirty shame

Oh low baby

Tell me how can I poor man make it
I say when money is the name of the game

I need some baby
I know oh lord yeah
We talking about Crumbs(?)
Don’t forget about the Fringe(?)

Tell me how can I poor make it
I say when money yeah! is the name of the game

Thanks to Shivang Srivastava

Arley “Buster” Benton was an American blues guitarist and singer. He played guitar in Willie Dixon’s Blues All-Stars.Benton was tenacious, and despite the amputation of parts of both legs in the latter part of his lengthy career, he never stopped playing his own version of Chicago blues.
Buster Benton was one of those guys who put his body and soul into his music: his emotive vocals and heartfelt guitar lines gave his slow Blues an authentic pain, and his up-tempo music rang with joy. Although he remains a footnote in the bigger picture in the History of the Blues, Buster was the real deal.

Photos of various blues & jazz legends from Francis Wolff, Yousuf Karsh and others.

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  1. It's been six weeks since Deborah had left me. Took my daughter with her too….well, that was not unexpected.
    And now here I am, doing what I promised myself I wouldn't do, standing outside her mother's apartment building in the cold February night…looking up at her third floor window. I fingered the 50 dollars tucked inside my pocket, I had to scratch and scrimp to save even this much. There's no rush in the job market to hire a 40 + black man who can play the guitar only moderately well.
    Ahh, it was my obsession with the blues….the source of so much marital conflict. Like that blues guy Robert Johnson who supposedly sold his soul to the devil for success, I would sell mine too in an instant, just to bend the six strings in the same way that I play in my recurring dreams. I think Deborah knows it too. I think she had also realized it was not my family but the blues which would always come first. If only my passion matched my talent…or my income. Gone are the days when she said with a smile, "you should have married that guitar of yours." Now it's just grim faces and tight silences, lines on her face from unpaid bills and an half empty fridge. Money, money…where can I get more..I wondered as I touched the 50 in my pocket again. Have to brave her mother's stony looks and Deb's sad face, the cold was becoming unbearable. Besides, it would soon be time to hit the club and pick up the guitar. Who knows, maybe tonight somehow a connected somebody might enjoy my guitar play and change my life around.
    Yeah, sure.

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