Busy Bee Vs. Kool Moe D (the original battle!!)

The classic battle between Kool Moe Dee and Busy Bee Starski that happened in 1981 at the Harlem World Christmas Rappers Convention.


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  1. Now bitin' a brothers(cuz i aint droppin the N-bomb) name is some low down shit/
    if u was money man you'd be counterfeit!
    The mother of all punchlines?
    Big up Kool Moe Dee a true pioneer

  2. It's like you can actually feel rap changing the minute Kool Moe D gets on the mic. Incredible. Thanks Beastie Boys book for insisting that I check this out ASAP

  3. Anybody know the breaks they used? The first one sounds like funky President, and the other sounds like "feel the heartbeat"

  4. The beef between Busy Bee in Kool Moe Dee started from a hacker saying that busy bee could not beat Kool Moe Dee in a freestyle rhyme the rest is history .. legendary

  5. Ιn my mind this is the turning point when hiphop went from a party music,to a fierce dynamic aggresive music genre that people fell in love with

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