Camp Lo – Life I Love (2015)

Camp Lo – Life I Love (music video)

Camp Lo – Life I Love from their album Ragtime Hightimes

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Geechi Suede and Sonny Cheeba unveil their latest music video “Life I Love”, off the legendary Bronx-bred duo’s new album “Ragtime Hightimes”, entirely produced by Ski Beatz.



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Comment (40)

  1. life got me in the squeeze pop back with a another hit
    high or low head to toe ghost to soul flow to hoe
    grow camp lo on the mic flicking poetry
    bust it slow gas burning holes
    cash rules everything around me
    I'm on the opposite end trust no man
    land space endless searching
    black holes super mario moles fictional
    addiction rich in fantasy clouds
    blow off the dust must lust diseases
    tick-tock clock stroll around the block
    crook style life I love fuck the cops

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