Carlton Dance On Soul Train

Carlton Dance On Soul Train

Carlton Dancing on Soul Train

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  1. This is one of the greatest moments of fresh prince. Every time, I think about the show, I remember Carlton tap dancing and doing a michael jackson impression. 👏🏿👍🏿

  2. He has an album produced by maurice Starr.. founder of new edition and new kids.. alphonso was know as the tap dance kid.

  3. Yep, having just seen the live action Aladdin, lots of Carlton's dance moves can be seen in the film's dance numbers (ie. the Carlton, split, back flip, etc).

  4. yall must have forgotten Alphonso Ribero was on the Broadway play the tap dance kid when he was younger, also bring the noise bring the funk, also he was on the Pepsi commercial when he was moonwalking he backed into Michael Jackson he was dancing with the Jackson then Alphonso Ribero was on Silver spoons with Ricky Scheoader on NBC that was a throwback show I know I'm old you dont have to say it

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