Carlton is called a sellout

Carlton is called a sellout

Fresh prince of bel-air

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  1. You see SJW's? This is how you touch on a difficult subject. This does not come as forced. This touches the problem as a whole. You don't need to add conclusion of resolution, this can speak for itself.

  2. I know this doesn't make sense for what we saw in this video but I'm a male white guy (idek why i'm saying my skin color) but i will always stand up for my black, brown, grey, white, yellow, muslim, christian, orthodox, jew, budhist etc brothers. At the end of the day we're all humans

  3. I hate how this attitude has perpetuated into the modern day, where if a black person is successful and rich and well-spoken they're "acting white."

  4. My family isn’t even rich and I still went through the same shit, deadass kids were making fun of me for speaking the same way my parents do and for not doing drugs and cursing all the time

  5. "When are we gonna stop doing this to each other?"

    When people stop trying to manipulate other people's emotions and lie to them for power and influence? When politicians stop trying to pander to a group because they think it's gonna get them votes? When power over people is no longer a desire to be controlled?

  6. This is what is holding the black community back. If more people tried to be better people rather than try to live a lifestyle that hasn't worked for decades. In turn you'll be a better person and more specifically a better black person.

  7. I can relate to this. "The enemy of a latino is another latino" is a classic saying amongst our communities. Its just people being envious or some shit because people that stand out dont "act" latino.

  8. Ironic thing is that Carlton would have absolutely looked down on them if he wasn't trying to join their frat, and he would have sold everyone out at the first opportunity if it would make him a quick buck.

  9. "Frederick Douglass tought that literacy is the path to freedom. There are many kinds of slavery and many kinds of freedom. But reading is still the path."

    – Carl Sagan

  10. Ahhhh, one of those beautiful moments that depict how Hoteps & other black enthusiasts prove to be the more divisive & cancerous elements within the black community.

  11. Ill say this and fuck whoever don't like the comment if you aint representing me [black] right yo' punk ass is a sell out, enough said Blood

  12. Honestly this is the issue with some Black ppl, the Carltons of this world aren’t “black enough” yet they look up the negative stereotypes and then there is an endless cycle, the Carlton’s are the ones they should be looking up too, they’re the future, Uncle Phil is right: when are they going to stop! This was back in 1993 and nothing has changed nearly thirty years later, black people have huge potential if only they let the Carlton’s have a chance to be a beacon and not look to to Jay Z

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