Carry the Fire – native aboriginal hip hop instrumental beat 2012 -truantbeatz

Here’s another down tempo hip hop beat I cooked up using FL studio. I sampled from the talented The Editors from their track “No Sound But The Wind” as well as used various audio files such as native american chant music, speeches and radio noises to create a collage of effect. Just trying new things.


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  1. Thanks man, I write a WHOLE LOT and pride myself on my lyrics. Just need to figure out timing and just about everything else that comes with the rapping haha. Glad you liked it

  2. I sent you a video response of a verse I threw over your beat. Nothing special just recorded on a digital camera. Hope you like it. I appreciate what your doin man great stuff!

  3. This is so sick man, keep up the good work! If you want to check out my channel, I have four songs currently up that I wrote and rapped over and I would love to do some collabing or write to some of the tracks of this mixtape if you'd be open to that! Feel free to sub and comment if you like what you hear too :)!

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