Casey Veggies & Harry Mack On Our Life Festival

Cassie Veggies & Harry Mack will be a part of the Our Life Festival taking place in Los Angeles on July 8th!

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Comment (29)

  1. I like how this video is supposed to be about Casey Veggies, but all the comments are about Harry Mack. That's probably why he doesn't have a deal. He's too good, he takes the attention away from the trash that the music industry wants to shove down the kid's throats.

  2. All these mumble rappers are signed but this actually talented guy isn’t?!?! HOW SWAY?!? Someone get this man a contract! Harry keep killing it!

  3. Who ever the female co-host is, are we just going to disregard her clever line"Mack daddy and Mack Mommy"?
    Anyway,I think most folks know Macks skill is on a level thats hard to match.

  4. Yo , in my opinion hip hop now is not only about freestyling and spiting bars , people need the personality expressed in the bars, this dude is too soft for the hip hop game, mafuckers out there be talking bout killing and sucide bro , but if hip hop had more of this people it would be help for the young kids with guns to chill out

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