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KZ 2011 Start From Killa Zero Mixtape -發條女DEMO

KZ’s new mixtape – Start From Killa Zero & 發條女Full Version comin soon!!!!!!!!! source

Matt Force ft. N.O.L.Y – "All I Need Is…" [Audio]

「MATT FORCE」OUT NOW – http://smarturl.it/mattforce Official Audio of ‘All I Need Is…’ by Matt Force featuring N.O.L.Y Song Produced by Matt Force —— Matt Force -「MATT FORCE」 Self-titled & self-produced debut album 1. Man In The Shell 2. All I Need Is… (feat. N.O.L.Y) 3. 死亡香 (feat. GrymeMan, YoungQueenz) 4. Raincoat (feat. GrymeMan) 5. 20 6. Roll That (feat. […]

YoungQueenz , N.O.L.Y, Floyd ft. YZ 于耀智 – "翡翠 Fay Chui / Jade (青玉)" [Audio]

Official Audio of ‘翡翠 FAY CHUI (JADE)’ by YoungQueenz , N.O.L.Y Featuring YZ . instagram @hglf_noly @youngqueenz @yz_2yk @floydcheung source

廿四味 24Herbs “Hot In The 852” Unplugged

Please support and buy from iTunes or CD Baby. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hot-in-the-852-single/id674224936 http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/24Herbs1 SPECIAL GUESTS: Daniel Wu, Jun Kung, Terence Yin, Rachel Ngan, Yeh Yan and Ela. Dancers; Ka Yan, Fu Jane, Trian Popo and Poyi Lau. SPECIAL THANKS TO: Kim Chan & Crew, Lorna Chan, Wa Chiu, StudioDanz, RTM and Drum Music. Composed by: Eddie Chung […]

YoungQueenz / OTAKU MOBB – “ 水原希子 Kiko Mizuhara ” [Official MV]

Official video of “水原希子 KIKO MIZUHARA” by 御宅MOBB – OTAKU MOBB, side project of YoungQueenz. iTunes:https://goo.gl/drnUkd Spotify: https://goo.gl/uxuQY7 ” 御宅 – OTAKU MOBBIN’ ” Mixtape is now available : Soundclound: https://goo.gl/y5HHhR Bandcamp : https://goo.gl/m5vqs4 Prod. by Floyd Cheung Mastered by Rem Directed by OZMA Director of Photography : Swing YoungQueenz https://www.facebook.com/youngqueenz https://instagram.com/youngqueenz Tweets by YoungQueenz_ […]

陳冠希 – 戰爭 featuring HANJIN/MC仁/胡蓓蔚

MV of Edison’s song 戰爭 (featuring EDC and the three other members of clot- han jin mc yan and the cool guy in the yellow t-shirt) source

YoungQueenz / OTAKU MOBB – 恋夜 For You [Audio]

#御宅MOBBING #OTAKUMOBB #御宅MOBBING #OTAKUMOBB OTAKU MOBB , a side project by YoungQueenz. ” 御宅 – OTAKU MOBBIN’ ” Mixtape is now available at : https://youngqueenz.bandcamp.com https://wildstylerecords.bandcamp.com 如果時間可以重來 拜託Weed要卷得多D 寫真散滿我枱面 冇樣只係靠認波邊 同樣既功夫 上下 已經虛耗左太多次 no return or stop 一個人 紙巾同螢幕 一個人只想有情愛 西野翔定小倉奈奈 ? 假如入房螢幕係桌面 你休想去將我陷害 suckin dick licking pussy fucking bitches in my screen 彷彿the whole […]

Fotan Laiki, 柒羊 Yung Takeem – 唔撚鐘意 (I Don't Like Remix) [Official MV]

Official video of “唔撚鐘意” by FOTAN LAIKI & 柒羊. a Chief Keef – I don’t like throwback. Directed by OZMA DP: Swing instagram: @ fotanlaiki @ yungtakeem source
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