Serbian hip hop225 Videos

Bauk Squad – Mrzi Me (Serbian Rap)

Bauci – Mrzi Me MP3 DOWNLOAD: source

Rkoma – Nash shit (Serbian rap) 2011.mp4

recording and producer FLAME 28.09.2011. source

South Side feat X Plane – YES freestyle (Serbian Rap)

South Side feat. X-Plane Yes (freestyle) DOWNLOAD LINK: source

Loco Beatz- Hard Agressive Serbian Type Beat

prod. by Al Petro cover by Al Petro you can buy this beat if you wanna use it just comment bellow and i will tell you what to do source

Lust – Ljubomora (Serbian Rap)

new songggg from lust, for more songs and info visit his my space source

A Serbian Film Soundtrack Remix

DJ Bassel Remix of serbian film theme song download link! source

The truth – Istina – Vito. aussie rap, serbian rap, yugoslav war, krajina

serbian rap, australian rap, wog rap, vito, the truth, krajina, yugoslavia war, 90s war source