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Cold Crush battles The Fantastic Five – Harlem World 1981 (restored)

Cold Crush battles The Fantastic Five – Harlem World 1981 Edited by: TAPE DECK WRECK Make sure to SUPPORT the people who share their music, and those Subscribers that emailed me about audio !!! You guys make this channel Possible! Thank You!! Make sure to subscribe! TAPE DECK WRECK [email protected] source

Suicide- Chief Rocker Busy Bee

Released: 1987 Label: Strong City Records source

Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown – Unity (Mixcutz Black Pearl MIx)

this is my remix from 2007.mixed under my full name mixmaster cut. many thanks on cameron paul for the co-operation on this record. find here:http://www.pay-for-us.de/artikel.php?id=mr002#mr002 source

Warp 9 – You'll Get Over It

Here is another track from their album “Fade In Fade Out”, released in 1986 on Motown Records. Produced by Richard Scher and Lotti Golden. Enjoy! source

Busy Bee – Suicide

Artista: Busy Bee Faixa: 02 Álbum: Running Thangs Lançamento Oficial: 1988 Formação: David Parker (Busy Bee) source

Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde – Genius Rap

Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde – Genius Rap Hey, we’re fresh, dip, new and improved We’re goin’ to rock a party just for you Step up to the floor and grab a girl We’ll make a bald man’s hair curl Now everybody here has seen us before We took a little chill and now we’re […]

DJ Kool Herc says hip hop is for all the races

From The Combat Jack Show interview with Kool Herc. “[Hip Hop] aint no black thing. It’s a we thing!” he explained. “It was no Puerto Rican thing, no white thing, no black thing. You come to the party, behave yourself, do your thing and you catch a coup and I got you. And this is […]

Heavy D & The Boyz – Nuttin' But Love

Follow me on Instagram – http://instagram.com/willdomingue source

NWA – Fuck The Police (Straight Outta Compton Movie)

NWA – Fuck The Police (Straight Outta Compton Movie) Give the gift of music. Check out this old school hip hop gear… source
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