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(Hey You), The Rock Steady Crew (Extended Version) HQ

The original Rock Steady Crew were: Crazy Legs, Baby Love, Prince Ken Swift, Buck 4, Kuriaki and Doze. Today The Rock Steady Crew are: Crazy Legs, Mr. Wiggles, Pop Master Fabel, Mr. Freeze, Dj Cucumber Slice, Q-Unique, Easy Roc, Tuff Tim Twist, Tony Touch, Sugar Pop, Fever 1, Dj Charlie Rock, Sweepy, Heps Fury, Floor […]

(live) 3rd Bass Reunion Show in NYC

(live) 3rd Bass Reunion Show in NYC Recorded live @ SRB Brooklyn 7.12.13 Courtesy of grandgood, Sucio Smash and High Water Music Give the gift of music. Check out this old school hip hop gear… source

「Funky heroes」Afrika Bambaataa remix by HIGE SOUL 2019

「Funky heroes」 Afrika Bambaataa remix by HIGE SOUL Use for Funky heroes voice sample Back track is original track all instruments play HIGE SOUL Respect for funky heroes!! source

"Live On Stage" by Roxanne Shanté

from the 1989 album, Bad Sister. source

"Love Bug" Starski – Do The Right Thing

Artist: “Love Bug” Starski Title: Do The Right Thing Year: 1984 source

"Love Bug" Starski & The Harlem World Crew – Positive Life

Artist: “Love Bug” Starski & The Harlem World Crew Title: Positive Life Year: 1981 source

"Straight Outta Compton" w/ Fab Five Freddy & N.W.A. (Behind the Scenes)

WorldstarHipHop and hip-hop legend Fab Five Freddy give you a behind the scenes look into the making of the Universal Pictures’ film STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON. Fab Five Freddy sits down with the original members of N.W.A. and talks with the group about their legacy and how it felt to shoot in the same city that […]

06. Cold Crush Brothers at The Dixie

Taken from the Soundtrack album ‘Wild Style’ 1981. 1983. No copyright infringement intended. oldskoolhiphop2000 oldskoolhiphop2000 oldskoolhiphop2000 source

1977, the birth of hip hop: block party with DJ Stevie Steve, Lil Rodney Cee and Lil Shotgun

@all: don’t take ‘the birth of hip hop’ to literal. Hip hop was not some kind of invention and you find threads about this subject on every hip hop forum. This tape is an example of hip hop in the very early days, before it reached a larger audiance. So enjoy the tape because most […]
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