Charlie Puth – We Don't Talk Anymore ft. Selena Gomez (BOXINBOX & Lionsize Remix)

Charlie Puth – We Don't Talk Anymore ft. Selena Gomez (BOXINBOX & Lionsize Remix)

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  1. I’ve heard this song in gacha life they say this song is we don’t talk anymore meme but I love this song and I would sing this to my best friend cause we were best friends but we don’t talk anymore but my best friend she was in a group with some of my friends let me tell the names Kylie,elodia and that’s it and then my best friend and their was a leader in the group I
    And her name was Layla she was my friend but now we’re not friends anymore cause when we reading to the kindergarten Me and Layla was partner to read to the kindergarten and then it was her turn to read but she did not want to read to the kindergarten and then we had to talk that it was her turn and then it broke my heart I had a crush but I think he was lying to me about he has gf but I did not believe him and it broke my heart 💔 and now him and his friends are talking to him about me I think cause and they were laughing at me at lunch but a girl name savannah she was a nice girl and she look at me and I put my head down and him and his friends were looking at me and I wanted to sing we don’t talk anymore or a different song that is sad and when I was at there table a girl name Brooklyn she was making fun of me and then this girl Ava she laugh to and then Kylie said leave her alone I said to jayla my friend that Brooklyn was bullying me and jayla talk to Brooklyn were u bullying her Brooklyn said no if I was bullying I would punch her I said she was making fun of me and Ava and Ava apologized to me that she said I’m sorry and then I said it’s ok and then a few days she was mean again and it broke my heart💔 I was really sad and all of that was stuck in my head. Do u guys like my story and trap nation?😊

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