Chief Rocker Busy Bee:The Architect MC Vol.1 (Directed by Barry Michael Cooper)

Short film on the Original Solo MC, Chief Rocker Busy Bee, directed by Barry Michael Cooper. Check out his blog:


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  1. He borrowed the name Chief Rocker from the legend, Frankie Crocker, he took Starski from Lovebug Starski, he bit and stole other peoples rhymes, he bounced around from crew to crew and couldn't stay loyal to any of them, not to mention the rape of that15 year old girl that he was involved in.
    And now he's trying to rewrite history by saying the battle between him and Moe D was a tie??!! Listen to it here on Youtube and you decide.

    Peace to the old school pioneers…I guess.

  2. Thats that shit I grew up with. Busy Bee, Flash, Funky 4 + 1, Bam and so many others are the foundation of what we hear today. All you new jacks owe these cats. RESPECT DUE………

  3. thank you bb starski, for ur hand in hiphop.nothing but respect.we need a real hiphop film about the strart of the hiphop game to now.that'll be a good look 4 the art of hiphop. dj king tey

  4. he was the 1st mc i ever heard i would be rewinding the cassete tape all day man good times

    too bad kool moe dee demolished him chief still did his thing tho respect

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