Childish Outkast – Childish Gambino x Outkast || David Begun || Full Album

0:00 1. Put It In My Video (ATLiens)
3:11 2. Worldstar (Wheelz of Steel)
6:05 3.Freaks and Geeks (Chonkyfire)
9:45 4. Sweatpants (Elevators)
13:03 5. Let Me Dope You (Ova Da Wudz)
16:01 6. Do Ya Like (Elevators Remix)
19:19 7. Hold You Down (Southernplayalistic…)
23:20 8. Bonfire (Return of the G)
26:35 9. Sober (Roses)
30:15 10. L.E.S. (Ms. Jackson)
33:33 11. Heartbreat (Da Art of Storytelling)
37:07 12. Fire Fly (Mainstream)
40:06 13. Fuck It All (13th Floor Growing Old)
44:22 14. 3005 (Jazzy Belle)
47:42 15. This Is America (SpottieOttieDopalicious)

This newest mashup combines the lyrics of Childish Gambino with the instrumentals from years of Outkast records to try and recreate a collaboration between three famous artists that grew up near the ATL. The funk-infused southern instrumentals of Organized Noize created a unique sound to help make the early Outkast records into instant classics. Childish Gambino is currently one of the biggest hip-hop artists and blending him with the musical backdrop previously reserved for Big Boi and Andre 3000 gives a new 90’s vibe and style to his current hits.

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released August 20, 2019

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Comment (7)

  1. 0:00 Put it in my video ATLiens
    3:11 Worldstar (Wheelz of Steel)
    6:05 Freaks and Geeks (Chonkyfire)
    9:45 Sweatpants (elevators)
    13:03 Let Me Dope You (Ova da Wudz)
    16:01 Do ya like (Elevators)
    19:19 Hold you Down (Southernplayalisticadillacmuzic)
    23:20 Bonfire (Return of the G)
    26:39 Sober (Roses) (My fav)
    L.E.S. (Ms Jackson)
    33:33 Heartbreak (Da art of storytelling)
    37:07 Fire Fly (Mainstream)
    40:06 Fuck it all (13th Floor Growing Old)
    44:22 3005 (Jazzy Belle)
    This is America (SpottieOttieDopalicious)

    Just though I might comment this so you guys can use the timestamps. This mashup is amazing

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