Chip – 34 Shots in the 1Xtra Live Lounge

Chip performs 34 Shots in the BBC Radio 1Xtra Live Lounge


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  1. C'mon man, let's give respect where respect is due.

    Chip did his thing here and in the album, if you didn't listen to the intro of that album and think yo, this is gonna be live, you're decieving yourself.

  2. Too much hate in the comment section, I feel I need to bring some balance. First off, LOMO2 was dope. Lyrically, Chip is UK top 10 easy, none of the emcees who sent for him (Yungen, Bugzy and the others) are in that category. I think people voted Bugzy bcos hes more conventional and a bit more hood but seriously, lyrically, I dont think he's even in the same game as Chip. I can't lie Chip didn't showcase the levels on LOMO2 in terms of bars but he made good music; Im gonna be bumping that Ella Mai track for a minute, and Giggs entirely effed up Amazing Minds. I'm just glad to see Chip putting work in again like back in the day tbh now all of that noise is dead. The album was good leave the man to make his money.

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