Chris Karns (fka DJ Vajra) – 2011 DMC World Champion

This is closer to the set that won the DMC USA finals than the one that won the DMC World finals. It was originally recorded for the DMC Online battle finals, but I dropped out of that after securing a place in the World finals winning by in New York.


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Comment (41)

  1. Never get tired of seeing this. I like when the wrist band goes on. I did get some for my sessions thinking it was my tribute to Vajra for influencing and inspiring me !!! So when people ask why the wrist bands at my shows now ya know !!!

  2. There is truth to both sides of this argument. Time code is easier than vinyl, without a doubt. There is no Relative Mode with vinyl. That needle jumps a groove, and you aren't scratching the same sample anymore. Plus, with vinyl, you have to be real fast to switch records and get cued up, whereas with timecode you just press a couple buttons.

    That's not to take away from his skill, because he's amazing. I'm just pointing out the differences between the two medias.

  3. ohh you used "LET'S REMIX IT" from my peoples SUPREME NYBORN – VERSATILE EXTENSION ! nice good stuff btw i'm MIXMASTA D from THE BIZZIE BOYZ from back then NYBORN was my label mate!

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