Chris Webby – Solitaire [prod. JP On Da Track]

Learn how to rap like the pros

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From the album Next Wednesday, out now:

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  1. Yo, you need to tone it down, while listening to this my phone immediately caught fire and danced out of house. Caught that bitch down the road toasting mellos idk what you did but it’s not stopping… {Spaaaaam}

  2. Just heard this on Pandora. Dear Lord. This guy is right where I'm at, Rudolph bitch! Nobody wants to play with the dude who'll kill them on a track, they'll even throw you shade.

  3. This is not what I wish for war-wick I'm planting a seed to kill your new order….I'm not your fruit Jehovah watchtower, Jesus….Sorry Webby I'm Talking to DARPA who watches our IP address……

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