Christone Kingfish Ingram – “Before I’m Old” (Live, 2019)

Christone Kingfish Ingram- “Before I’m Old” (Live at JITV HQ in Los Angeles, CA 2019) #JAMINTHEVAN

Christone Kingfish Ingram – “Before I’m Old'” live at The Jam in the Van Experience in Los Angeles, CA 2019 | Skip to Music 00:23

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*** Credits ***
Artists: Christone Kingfish Ingram
Director of Photography: Jon Chetrit
Recording Engineer: Ethan Glaze
Mixing Engineer: Sean P. Jones
Creative Director: Jack Higgins
B-Roll Videographer: Benjamin Bradley-Gilbert
Post Production by: Jack Higgins
Created & Produced by Jam in the Van, LLC
Music by: Christone Kingfish Ingram



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Comment (47)

  1. OMG this kid is amazing! as of dec 16/2019 there is 11 tone deaf or jealous people who wouldnt know good music or talent if it bit them in the ass!

  2. Great to see you in 2019 loss of some of that wieght looking pumpped to be in LA , see you representing respect for the hood/ BIH T shirt…. Go Christone Go"!!!! play for all of america to see you dude like i said the loss of some of the wieght i see! makes me realize we wont loose you to/ morbid obese ! Thank God" We All Love not judge artist, ect… love y'all good going motivation you give all people who hear your story past months working on you!!! show em all !!! /10/ 2019 be proud you earned it ….new best blues and rocker iv see of many?

  3. Saw him last night 09-26-19 in a small venue and his voice and playing is just amazing. He had us in the palm of his hand. Can't believe all that blues emotion in such a young person.

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